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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Groupon: $25 Full Bike Tune-Up! ($50 value)

Today's Groupon Deal is a Full Bike Tune-Up at Meticon Bikes for just $25! ($50 value)

If you ride often, you should get a full tune-up about once a year on your bike.
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Here is what a Full Bike Tune Up includes:
  • General safety check and inspection
  • Cleaning and lubrication of drive train
  • Cable lubrication
  • Brake adjustment
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Bearing adjustment
  • Tire-pressure check and adjustment
  • Wheel truing and tension check
  • Drive-train removal for cleaning and inspection

The top three most efficient modes of human-powered transportation are (in no particular order): Flintstone cars, bicycles, and a palanquin carried by the various monarchs you've conquered and overthrown. Make sure the most feasible of these is in perfect working order with today's deal: for $25, you get a full bike tune-up at Meticon Bikes (a $50 value). For a quick breakdown of included tune-up services, scope the sidebar to the right.

The full bike tune-up begins with a thorough cable and drive-chain cleaning and lubing. Surgical adjustments are made to the tension of the brakes, ensuring riders can stop on a dime, pick it up, and buy a Chiclet without ever dismounting. The drive train is inspected and rebuffed to transform sticky gears into smooth shifters. Wobbly wheels undergo a truing process to increase pedal-pumping efficiency and ease momentum retention. A final overall inspection for safety and security tops off the tune-up, allowing bikes to roll back to their rack or cat condo.

The Meticon Bikes staff rarely, if ever, pressures guests to race for pink slips or convert their ride to a brakeless, fixed-gear bike with rocket propulsion and unstable flubber tires. Instead, the mechanics simply aim to aid biking enthusiasts in getting where they need to go, ensuring that Oregonian trail riders have the coziest seat on two wheels.

Call ahead to check for appointment availability. This Groupon is good for the tune-up only; parts, accessories, and bike purchases are not included.

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