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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kraft First Taste: FREE Products

You might want to sign up with Kraft First Taste HERE. I logged into my account today and found the following offer for FREE full-size products:

Receive up to six (6) coupons* for ONE (1) FREE package each of KOOL-AID Fun Fizz Drink Drops (up to $2.49), OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Meats (up to $4.50), RITZ CRACKERFULS Filled Crackers (up to $3.49), KRAFT 100 CALORIE PACKS CHEESE BITES (up to $3.29), KRAFT HOMESTYLE DELUXE Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (up to $3.99), and DIGIORNO® Deep Dish Pizza (up to $3.30). Now you and your family and friends can be among the first to enjoy what's new & delicious from Kraft Foods.

You might not receive the same offer, and might not receive any offers for a while, but sign up and check your account every once in a while to see if you have any offers! Tres Chic!

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